Jan Pospíšil

The Hořice townhall did not agree with the idea of the ending of Hořice Sculptural Symposium. The Hořice major Lad. Vrba, M.A., called on an academic sculptor Roman Richtermoc (1950 - 2010) to prepare Symposiums for the future. Roman Richtermoc in cooperation with sculptor Karel Nepraš, professor of The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, at the beginning of 2002 founded a Civic Association Hořice Sculptural Symposium. The Association followed the former way and spread the participation of high-class foreign sculptors - colleagues of young Czech sculptors. Further on, the Association founded a new Sculptural park of St. Josef and put through the current Symposium Sculptural park of St. Gothard with the quarry of "U Sv. Josefa". It also founded a new continuous exposition "Sculptors' Embankment" (Nábřeží sochařů) in Hradec Králové. Alexandr Gregar, M.A. (*1943), a chief of Department of Culture at the town hall of Hradec Králové, and a member of the Civic Association for Hořice Sculptural Symposium has taken care of this exposition since 2003. (For more details see the section "Nábřeží Sochařů").

From 2010, after the death of Roman Richtermoc, Jan Pospíšil, M.A. (*1975), a pupil of professor K. Nepraš started to lead the Symposium and the Association. From 2012 Hořice Sculptural Symposium has been a biennial Symposim. This decision also helps to improve the financial situation of the Symposium.


historie06 2013 - After 10 years, the areas of the Sculptural park of St. Josef are full. They should be widened.

historie07 2009 - Hradec Králové - a part of Elbe embankment before its improvements. But the sculptures really suit to Hradec Králové.