The gathering of sculptors in Hořice started again in 1989. A newly founded "Association for Hořice Symposium" under leading of its president - the sculptor Vladimír Preclík (1928 - 2008) - organized the Symposium for next twelve years. The Association fitted up the quarry "U Sv. Josefa" by a cottage for sculptors and the accomodation for their helpers/assistants, and mainly: the sculptor park Sv. Gothard was extented (for 5,5 ha). After the 16th year of the symposium, in 2000, professor Vladimír Preclík announced a fundamental decision of "The Association for Hořice Symposium": to end Hořice's Sculptural Symposiums. The committee came to a conclusion that the original idea of the Symposium in agreement of the end of the 20th century had been fulfilled. But a part of the Hořice public had also a different opinion: „The International Sculptural Symposiums ought to continue in future. The discontinuity would be a gross mistake and a sin against the future. The plastic art was and is still typical of Hořice!!!”

historie05 After 16 years of the Symposium, the Sculptural park of Sv. Gothard started to be a little overcrowded.

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1991 - Luyken´s composition and the obelisk (1907), understand each other.


1991 - The Symposium participants in the quarry of "U Sv. Josefa". From the left Vidmantas Gilikis, G. Kovanic, O. Ischikawa, J. Seifrt, etc. (standing)