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  1. A view of one of the sculptural ateliers about 1910. The architect Václav Weintzettl, headmaster of the sculptural school in 1904-1929 (apart to other things, the autor of Rieger's obelisk) is sitting in the center.
  2. Raiman's sandstone quarry (1910), belongs today to the system of quarries „U Svatého Josefa.
  3. Students of the sculptural school (1912). Prof. ing. arch. Emil Dufek is sitting, to the left K.Samohrd, V.Žalud, etc. are standing.
  4. According to the project of prof. Moravec and Cechner the construction of the cemetery portal started in 1893 and sculptural works were provided by the students of the school. (The portal, 14,5 m high, was finished in 1907).
  5. Transport of roughly worked monolit of Rieger's obelisk (34 tons). The transport to Gothard was realized in 1903. There the Rieger's obelisk was finally shaped (finished) and a festive inauguration was held in 1907.